Worried about stock volatility?

Protect and grow your wealth through multifamily real estate.

If you want to reap the tax benefits of real estate, build passive income, and hedge against stock market volatility but don’t want to manage a property, then a real estate syndication is the right investment for you.

Colony Hills Capital specializes in value-add multifamily housing – properties that are undermanaged, underperforming, and undervalued. With targeted improvements and management, they can be turned around to build a passive income stream and profit once they’re sold.

No two properties are the same. We build a custom business plan for each property to map out the improvements and management to maximize investor returns and protect your wealth.

How you can invest in multifamily

Invest in Addison

Your chance at investing in our latest acquisition: Addision at Princeton Meadows in Plainsboro New Jersey.

Addison at Princeton Meadows is a class B+, garden-style multifamily housing acquisition strategically located in the affluent community of Princeton Meadows (NJ). The property is ideally located near top-rated retail, education, strong employment, and recreation and it is situated right next to Interstate 95. The Seller has renovated 85% of the units and has made major updates to the exterior of the asset, while Colony Hills Capital will strategically provide improvements in the rest of the property.

  • 440 units.
  • 5.4% going-in cap rate based on the purchase price and the trailing three-month income annualized.
  • The property is currently 95% occupied
  • Interior Property improvements will include substantial renovations ($25,000/unit) to 67 classic units and minor renovations ($1,500/unit) to 85% of the units. The weighted average interior capex will be approximately $5,082/unit.
  • Exterior property improvements will include ($12,702/unit) a brand-new clubhouse, enhancement of the pool area (refurbishment/resurfacing), installment of 50 garages (which will produce other income), significant landscaping, the improvement of the current signage, as well as several other renovation projects.
  • Rents will increase after improvements to be in line with comparative properties in the submarket (an average $396/unit premium).
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Invest in the catalyst ii fund

Invest in a larger selection of properties through our current fund, Catalyst II.

The Catalyst II Fund is a Co-GP Fund, which allows you to invest in a selection of multifamily properties and benefit from passive income through rental payments as well as the profit once the property is sold.

Browse the current fund details:

  • The fund is accepting investors from December 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023
  • $25M minimum raise
  • $35M maximum raise
  • 20 – 25% target IRR
  • Investing in East Coast and Texas multifamily properties
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We focus exclusively on the investment and asset management of multifamily apartment properties on behalf of our investors.

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Class B through A-

Growing Markets

Largest tenant base and purchased right. Allows for substantial value increase over ownership period.


Win-Win Purchase

Established network of Brokers and Sellers consistently provide opportunities for success.


Business Plans

Tailor-made business plans born out of rigorous property due diligence and market evaluations.


Capital Improvements

Every dollar spent geared towards improving both tenant quality of living and investor returns.


Strong Management

Strong returns result from low-cost basis, strategic capex, strong asset management, selling in a hot market.


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I have been investing with Colony Hills Capital for 10 years. I have been invested in multiple deals over that time and have been extremely pleased with my returns. The team consistently brings deals to market that present low-risk, high-quality investment opportunities. Investors are provided with excellent communication on the progress of improvement plans for each property as well as the current financials in a timely manner. From my investing experience with the Colony Hills Capital team I try to take part in every opportunity they bring.
There is no other place that I have ever come to know with rent being around $700.00 (including water) that offers you 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, washer and dryer hookups (or access to a laundromat site), a playground for children, ample storage space, as well as beautiful scenery AND a large pool in the front, convenient for guests to use. This is the perfect location for fairly large families to come and have a worry free environment. Elementary and middle schools are a short minute walk away. Public transportation is available for everybody and runs all the way to the great city of Atlanta and beyond. The common areas are immaculate and management has the best customer service you can get. I feel right at home being in these lovely apartments.

Canterbury Resident, Apartments.com

I really enjoyed working with you and I appreciate your willingness to work through problems and persevere, rather than so many in today’s world that just give up when things get tough or bogged down. I am so happy that the Mobile deal finally worked out for all concerned. You had a big part in that, never wavering and standing firm to see the project to fruition; really from the beginning with Key Bank, all the way through to the end.

Significant Investor, Mobile Portfolio

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We are a team of highly ethical, respected, creative individuals, with diverse backgrounds and expertise, who work together to make Colony Hills Capital a best-in class-real estate investment firm.

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