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Investment due by April 26, 2024


Minimum investment

5 years

Term of investment


Target IRR


Equity multiple

Over 5 years, at a 21% IRR $100,000 could return over $200,000.

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Your chance to own a piece of multifamily real estate

If you want to reap the tax benefits of real estate, build passive income, and hedge against stock market volatility without managing a property, then investing with Colony Hills Capital in a multifamily real estate deal is the right option for you.

Here’s your chance to invest directly into a multifamily property alongside an experienced sponsor, allowing you to own a piece of real estate, build passive income, profit from the sale, and reap numerous tax benefits.

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Meet Mount Laurel Crossing

Mount Laurel Crossing is positioned to benefit from interior and exterior value add investments. Per extensive analysis of the property economics and the market competition, and consistent with our successful model, CHC has underwritten a projected, average $100/unit lift to the current rents post interior and exterior renovations.

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A Track Record Of Success

Over $1B total transactions and counting.

Wynthrope Forest

Riverdale, GA

40% Gross-Levered IRR

Property held for 3 years.

2.7x return

Sandpiper Townhomes

Mobile, AL

34% Gross-Levered IRR

Property held for 5 years.

4x return

Canterbury Townhomes

Jonesboro, GA

41% Gross-Levered IRR

Property held for 3 years.

2x return

Cameron Run Apartments

East Point, GA

48% Gross-Levered IRR

Property held for 2 years.

2.2x return

Accredited investors: Don’t miss your chance to invest in a unique multifamily real estate opportunity

In the average commercial real estate deal, there are two parties:

  • The GP (General Partner)
  • The LP (Limited Partner)

The GP is responsible for sourcing the deals, managing the properties, and ensuring everything goes smoothly. The LPs only have to invest, and as passive investors in the deal they get a proportionately smaller share of the return.

As a Co-GP all you need to do is invest (like an LP) but you will receive a return from the GP’s portion. Invest like an LP, but earn like a GP. That is what makes Mount Laurel Crossing a unique opportunity.

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Property Details

  • 296 units and 279,484 rentable square feet.
  • 6.36% going-in cap rate based on the purchase price and the trailing three-month income annualized (5.72% cap rate on all-in basis).
  • Built in 1999, the current Seller has spent approximately $6.2 million in capital improvements on the property which includes the renovation of 82% of the units.
  • The property is currently 97.6% occupied
  • Interior Property improvements will include substantial renovations to 53 classic units and, on a case-by-case basis, minor renovations to 82% of the units. The weighted average interior capex will be approximately $5,936/unit.
  • Exterior property improvements will include ($7,549/unit) common area remodeling, amenity additions and a fitness center expansion. It will also include the installment of EV charging stations, landscaping, the improvement of the current signage, as well as several other renovation projects (see ‘Capex’ tab in proforma).
  • Post renovation and property improvements, CHC will increase current rents to be in line with comparative properties in the submarket (an average $100/unit premium).

DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer, solicitation, invitation or recommendation to buy, sell, subscribe for or issue any securities. Mount Laurel Crossing has prepared an Offering Memorandum dated December 1st, 2021 in respect of the offering and sale of its Limited Partnership Interests and any offering thereof is made only by means of the Memorandum. This information must be read in conjunction with the Memorandum in order to understand fully all of the features and risks associated with an investment in such Limited Partnership Interests. Any information discussed on this website is qualified entirely by reference to the Memorandum and the documents referred to therein. The material herein is based on information that we consider correct and any estimates, opinions, conclusions or recommendations contained in this document are reasonably held or made at the time of compilation. However, no warranty is made as to the accuracy or reliability of any estimates, opinions, conclusions or recommendations. It should not be construed as investment, legal, or tax advice and may not be reproduced or distributed to any person. This document does not constitute an offer to sell any security. Any offer will be made only by delivery of a complete private placement memorandum. This document is not soliciting an offer to buy any security in any jurisdiction where the offer or sale is not permitted.

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