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The first item to consider when building your portfolio is spreading your wealth across a variety of investments. Meaning, that you diversify your assets by enhancing your investments with an advisor who may help you choose a combination strategy you’ve never thought about using.

There are a few things you may want to consider before investing in long-term multifamily properties. Think about the kinds of multifamily real estate investment strategies you can choose from, and the average annual returns in long-term real estate investing. Read on to learn more about this sector and how far your dollar will go when you invest.

High Return on Investments

The primary goal of multifamily investments is a consistent income. One way to create constant revenue is through positive cash flow. Multifamily homes are the best long-term investments due to property investors with higher chances of securing positive cash flow since they contain more residential units; meaning more tenants paying monthly rent. In addition, multifamily investors can improve the rental income by charging more for high-end amenities such as a laundry room, gym, etc. Most tenants without washers or dryers in their units can use the laundry room, and the real estate investor will benefit by generating more positive cash flow. Ultimately, multifamily homes are the best long-term investments because a steady positive cash flow will lead to a higher rate of return on investment.

Strategies to Consider 

Investors can obtain diversification in real estate investments by investing in one of the highest-performing real estate investment strategies like REITs, which are securities that trade on an exchange, just like your average stock. They also have a reputation for delivering high investors liquidity, diversification, and excellent overall investment returns. Multifamily real estate consistently yields a high cash flow every single month. For example, if a tenant moves out of a single-family home, that property would become completely vacant. Whereas if you invest in a multifamily property, losing one tenant may not harm you nearly as much like a single-family home.


Even though multifamily properties are one of the best long-term investments, as a real estate investor you should not purchase the first property you see. An investor can reach out to an expert to determine whether an investment property is worth their money before making the purchase. Our specialists at Colony Hills Capital are always here to help with consultations and strategy making!